What is Euro-Med TDS?

In 1998 various National Chambers of Commerce and Federations of Entrepreneurs of the countries of the Mediterranean Region, came together to create the "Euro-Mediterranean Trade, Distribution and Services Initiative", Euro-Med TDS.

The goal of Euro-Med TDS is to facilitate and create business opportunities among the business community of the Euro-Mediterranean region. In order to achieve this aim, members affiliated with the association:
  • Establish common lines of actions and propose solutions to overcome barriers to the free flow of goods and services in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • Organize joint activities to promote the economic development of the Euro-Mediterranean;
  • Foster common actions aiming to expand the use of Information Technology and Platforms dedicated to the Supply and Demand of the goods and services that circulate within the region and the global market.

Local and Regional Authorities, National governments and Institutions, the European Union, and other regional and international cooperation programs and institutions are all partners of activities and projects carried out by Euro-Med TDS.

The statutory organs of the Association are: the Assembly, the Executive Board, the President and the Secretary General.

The Assembly is composed of the Presidents of the member organizations, or their deputies. The Assembly elects the Board Members and the Secretary General.

The Executive Board consists of four members elected from among the Presidents of the member organizations, whereby each represents a sub-region of the Mediterranean.

The President of Euro-Med TDS is Antonio Paoletti, appointed by the Executive Board in 2017.

The Secretary General is Luigi Troiani, elected by the Assembly and in office since the founding of the Association in 1998.


Our Members

ALBANIA Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
ALGERIA Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
BOSNIA - HERZEGOVINA Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina
CROATIA Croatian Chamber Of Economy
CYPRUS Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
EGYPT Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
FRANCE Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry
FRANCE French Confederation of Wholesale and International Trade
GREECE National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce
ISRAEL Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce
ITALY Confcommercio
ITALY Unioncamere
JORDAN Jordan Chamber of Commerce
LEBANON Federation of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon
LYBIA General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Lybia
MALTA Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry
MONACO Monaco Chamber of Commerce and Development
MONTENEGRO Chamber of Economy of Montenegro
MOROCCO Federation of Moroccan Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services
PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY European Palestinian Chamber of Commerce
PORTUGAL Portuguese Confederation of Commerce and Services
SAN MARINO Union of Traders of the Republic of San Marino
SERBIA Serbian Chamber of Commerce
SLOVENIA Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
SPAIN Spanish Confederation of Commerce
SYRIA Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce
TUNISIA Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts
TURKEY Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

To learn more about our members, please go to the Our Members page.


Structure of Euro-Med TDS

The Assembly
Consists of the Presidents or delegates of the National Trade and Services Business Associations and the Presidents of Chambers of Commerce within the Euro-Mediterranean Trade, Distribution and Services Initiative.

The Executive Board
Elected by the Assembly:

Omer Bal - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Alaa Ezz - Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce

Antonio Paoletti - Unioncamere

Jelena Mesie Tursie - Croatian Chamber of Economy

The President of the Executive Board
(Elected By the Executive Board Members)

Antonio Paoletti, Northwest Region

Secretary General
(Elected by the Assembly)

Luigi Troiani