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Confcommercio, P.zza G. G. Belli, 2
Sala Orlando
Rome, 19th November 2008

Program of the Conference

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Euro-Med TDS organized, in collaboration with Confcommercio and Ice, the Conference "The Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean. The contribution of Service Industry" which took place in Rome on 19th November.

In 1995 the European Union, through the Barcelona Process looked at a Euro-Mediterranean peaceful, political dialogue, which had to increase business relations and economic development between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean developing countries. This program was updated through the "Union of the Mediterranean" in 2008. The Service Sector has to play its fundamental role to make the scheme successful. President Sarkozy initiative added a new and ambitious chapter.

Euro-Med TDS honoured the decision of the Paris General Assembly of November 2007 with an important program which registered the active participation of outstanding economical and political authorities from the rostrum and in the audience.

The Conference, on the basis of both accomplishments and missed opportunities highlighted by the Barcelona Process, focused on three main topics:
  • The contribution of service sector, specifically innovative services, to the development and the investment growth in the region.
  • Tangible and intangible infrastructures.
  • The human factor, specifically addressing training and the effective allocation of human resources, notably those produced by the intense migratory flows in the region.

In accordance with Euro-Med TDS nature and tradition, a Business to Business session among the participating companies took place at the end of the event, offering the entrepreneurs attending the conference the opportunities for businesses highlighted by the new Neighborhood policies of the European Union. This business session gave the opportunity to more than hundred companies to create new business relationships.

"Speech by Antonio Paoletti - President of Euro-Med TDS"

"Speech by Luigi Troiani - Secretary General of Euro-Med TDS"

"Orlando Arango - Stimulating growth and employment in the Mediterranean. The role of FEMIP"

"Dimitris Armenakis - Lifelong Training: a tool for competitive and dynamic commerce in the Mediterranean"

"Can Baydarol - Change and Competition"

"Ignacio Garcia Bercero"

"Mohammed Drissi"

"Pedro d'Almeida Freire - Trade and Distribution: a Key Element for the Mediterranean development. The Portuguese Contribution."

"Theodore Kallitsis - Modern Restauration: A service infrastructure in the Euro-Mediterranean area"

"Bruno La Fata - L'expérience de la Principauté de Monaco en tant que place financière dans le développement méditerranéen"

"Pere Llorens - Recursos Humanos y migraciones: una plataforma equilibrada para el desarrollo en el área mediterránea"

"Charles M. Mercieca - The Economy of Services as strong point for the Mediterranean development: the case of Malta"

"Paolo Odone - Vie del mare e di terra nel Mediterraneo"

"Demetra Papastephanou - Why do Business in Cyprus"

"Philippos Tsalidis - Greek Government Policies for Research, Energy and Technological Development in the Euro-Mediterranean Framework"

"Eti Vidavsky"

"Ilir Zhilla - The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. A tool for developing the Service Industry. The case of Albania" TOP